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Federal Clemency - More Drug Offenders Will Be Eligible For Relief

If you have a loved one serving time in federal prison for a non-violent crime, he/she will be able to apply for clemency under new rules that will be announced later this week by the Justice Department. The new criteria will focus on people serving significantly inflated terms considering the current sentencing laws and policies. We urge you to contact our law office to discuss possible relief for you or your family member, who is currently incarcerated. The current administration has a goal of ensuring that there are enough resources to review an increased amount of federal clemency applications from qualified inmates. 

Eric-Holder5Several days ago (April 21, 2014), Attorney General Holder announced 

“Later this week, the deputy attorney general will announce new criteria that the department will consider when recommending applications for the President’s review. This new and improved approach will make the criteria for clemency recommendation more expansive. This will allow the Department of Justice and the president to consider requests from a larger field of eligible individuals. Once these reforms go into effect, we expect to receive thousands of additional applications for clemency. And we at the Department of Justice will meet this need by assigning potentially dozens of lawyers – with backgrounds in both prosecution and defense – to review applications and provide the rigorous scrutiny that all clemency applications require.”

Attorneys at Delicino & Vialtsin, LLP have significant experience handling federal cases. We will provide high quality representation to those who qualify for federal clemency relief by preparing the most effective petition in light of new criteria anticipated to be set by the Justice Department. It is a rare opportunity in US history that we will be able to remedy the harsh and unfair sentencing practices.

Please call our office at 619-357-6677 to discuss possible relief under the new federal clemency law.