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Delicino & Vialtsin are dedicated to restoring order in your life after a tragic accident. We help clients with many different types of personal accidents and wrongful death cases due to car/motorcycle/bicycle accidents, medical malpractice, work-place accidents, and product defects. We primarily focus our personal injury practice on motorcycle and bicycle accidents. 

Kustom Kulture

Avid riders ourselves, we understand the risk of being on two wheels. But you do not need to take a risk in a courtroom by hiring an attorney who does not understand your pain. We bring the careless and negligent drivers to justice, while fighting for the maximum compensation for you.  

We start working the first day you come into our office. It is absolutely crucial to have you examined by medical professionals in order to begin building your case. The examination can be both physical and psychological. Serious cases might even require us to involve forensic professionals to inspect the site of the accident. As human beings, we tend to block thoughts that are painful for us, but waiting for the case to resolve on its own does not help you.  The insurance companies are not in the business of compassion and are not eager to pay you the amount deserved.

1234You deserve to be compensated for a variety of reasons, including your physical injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of income, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of daily activity, and property loss. Every case is different and compensation varies. But having an attorney who also rides is not only comforting but also necessary. As riders we have our own culture and we speak the same language. Jeremy Delicino rode thousands of miles while training for races and century rides for great causes. Anton Vialtsin attended and participated in the Born Free motorcycle show, Harley Davidson Rallies, Kustom Kulture events, and many more.

There are many attorneys who claim to represent motorcycle victims, but few have actually spent time in the saddle.

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