How can I get a court to appoint a lawyer for my case?

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Your first opportunity to ask the court to appoint a lawyer for you will be at your first court appearance, normally called an arraignment. At that time, a judge will ask you whether you are represented by an attorney or need a public attorney appointed to your case. Many public defenders are very good and aggressive attorneys. The only disadvantage to having a public attorney is that he/she only starts working for you after the arraignment. A private attorney begins working on your case and legal strategy as soon as you retain them.

Each county is also different in regard to getting a public defender. If you are judged to be indigent facing serious charges with potential jail time, then you are likely eligible to receive a public defender. If you don’t qualify as an indigent, you may obtain the services of a court-appointed attorney. Most counties provide for “partial indigency,” meaning at the conclusion of your case you will be liable for reimbursing the state or county for a portion of the costs associated with your representation.

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