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Work Furlough is an alternative to jail sentence designed for offenders who are granted probation with custodial sanction. The offender is screened by the Sheriff and/or Probation department. If you are interested in work furlough state that interest to your attorney as soon as possible. It is very important that you qualify for work furlough and approved before sentencing.



1. Sentenced to probation with custody.
2. Able to function in dorm setting.
3. Legal citizen/resident.
4. Employed.
5. Offender pays for housing in WF facility if employed.
6. Must be employed 35+ hours per week.
7. The majority of inmates are required to take public transportation; however, some inmates are approved to drive with proper documentation.
8. Inmates can also attend school, religious services, and programs like SB38, First Conviction Program, Anger Management and other court-ordered counseling.
9. Inmate’s family and friends will be able to visit on the weekends at the WF facility. 

To learn more about work furlough eligibility please click here.


1. Precluded by court.
2. Serious mental health or behavioral issues.
3. Serious violent behavior or pattern of assaultive behavior.
4. Sales or large amount of drugs.
5. Serious or violent felonies.

Please call 619-357-6677 to learn more about work furlough. If you are charged with a crime in State or Federal court please call 619-357-6677.

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